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Ati and Avi

Our Story

Empowering women

Founded in 2018, Ati and Avi is a global brand for women who understand their signature style and also want quality clothing and accessories from street wear to chic fashion. We provide easy access to affordable, high-quality fashion for women of all shapes and sizes. We are built on the belief that fashion supports a woman in her confidence and desire to be great. Managed by one-woman Boss, Ati, we are a woman-owned business supporting other females.

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Hi, I’m Ati,

About ati & avi

You could say that I’m the brains and “fashionista” behind Ati & Avi. Avi is the inspiration.

I grew up in a predominantly female household. Powerful single mom, supportive sisters, inspirational aunts - I had them all. The ladies in my family were always encouraging, pushing me to be more, do more. I wanted to do the same for other women and young girls. But I wasn’t sure how. It was not until Avi was born that I realized there was a way I could do this and more. I was always interested in fashion and my family encouraged my passion. Avi further blessed me with inspiration, love, and creativity. This sparked a fire within me to pursue my passion, and Ati and Avi was born. I know how great I feel simply by choosing the right type of outfit that suits me for that day. So, that is what we are doing – giving you the fashion tools to step out and shine, no matter what you’ll be doing.

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There’s an amazing thrill that comes from introducing customers to the actual persons behind some of the clothing and accessories that they love. And it’s also a special feeling to bring together other women-owned businesses in New Bedford, Massachusetts to showcase their products and services. We enjoy hosting pop-up shops for brilliant women-owned businesses and would love to host you at our next one. If you’re interested in finding out more or collaborating on our next pop-up, send us a message at